We are Toyno!

We design spaces and experiences for people.

We believe that spaces are living organisms that
promote sharing, collaboration and participation.

We create spaces from what matters.

Toyno: This is not a Toy


We believe in the power of diversity and accessibility in teams.


We choose to work with costumers that stimulate and challenge our potential.


We believe flexible, dynamic and organic projects make a change.


We can create emotion-sparking spaces that ignite attitude.


We take on spaces with barriers that still separate people from their environments, art enthusiasts from museums, children from their playgrounds, youth from culture and teams from their organizations.


We believe each project resonates beyond our imaginations.


We create spaces from what matters.

Our work process is unique!

We listen to our clients and research as a group.

We listen carefully to what every part involved in the project has to say and define our goals & how to achieve them as a group. Our approach encourages exploration of new perspectives and accessibility to all stakeholders.

We project spaces that ignite attitude

We are committed to create spaces that spark new ideas and promote interaction.

Our ideas evolve through creative labs.

Our methodology explores research, ideation and experimentation cycles. We imagine, try and prototype in order to come up with the best ideas, from the realistic to the most utopic.

We live the spaces we transform.

We don’t just project spaces; we implement experiences in spaces and that’s why we have to know them.
We collect opinions and understand the way people relate to each space and we come up with scenarios.

We are inclusive and environmental/economical sustainability aware.

We accommodate everyone in our projects. We believe every project should have a positive impact.

How do we articulate our projects and methodology with Sustainable Development Objectives?

Industry, innovation and infrastructure

Whether it’s a walk in the park or a interaction with public services, we project spaces that promote day-to-day experiences in a sustainable and efficient way.

Quality Education

Being passionate about investigation, cultural projects are a favourite in Toyno. We create spaces that encourage knowledge and exchange through inclusive experiences of discovery, interaction and participation.

Sustainable Cities and Communities

We aim to make spaces open to community, and that’s why we create intuitive and inclusive spaces that promote exchanges in experiences and emotions among users.

Dignified Work and Economical Growth

The time to forge our future is now! We project spaces that meet the organizations’ needs and promote productivity, well-being and organizational culture through technological modernization and innovation.